Maaka Orphans & Widows Associations Uganda

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About Us

Maaka Orphans and Widows Associations Uganda (MOWA-UG) is a community Based Organization which was set up to holistically address issues that affect the community more so widows, orphans, vulnerable women and children and the elderly groups.
But also due to the conscious of the need for the better living of the widows, orphans then other marginalized groups and also improved education system in our community, we perceived it indisputable to respond through this Community Based Organization in Eastern Uganda.
Hence the purpose of this organization is the was born out of the need, love, and concern of the caring members to assist other less privileged.

And truly the Association was started with overall objective of empowering widows and orphans then mitigation and reduction of poverty amongst other marginalized groups that is vulnerable children,Elderly,Vulnerable women and girl child through social-economic empowerment, support and advocacy.

Our Key Objectives

-   To provide educational and economic opportunities to the vulnerable members of the community such as orphans and widows.

-    To promote gender rights and equality action.

-   To provide skills to widows and the eldery tasics of life to orphans to enable them improve on their house hold income for their families.

-   To empower rural women with income generating activities to enable them access basic needs for their lives and families.

-   To provide care and all possible basics of life to orphans.

-   To build a life skills base for individuals especially the youth with special talents in order to enable them handle life challenges through MOWA scouting and other sporting programs.

-   To rehabilitate the disadvantaged youth thorugh guidance, counseling and skills development.

-To ensure that disadvantaged communities access clean and safe water.

With a MISION of

 "Empowering widows and vulnerable women,support orphans and vulnerable children,mitigate and reduce poverty amongst other marginalized groups through soci-economic empowerment, support and advocacy."

The Maaka Orphans and Widows Associations Uganda as an Organization that support group and individual development that is widows, orphans and other marginalized groups and their artistic expression, we strive with A VISION of “Attaining desirable society where empowered widows, orphans, vulnerable women and children and other marginalized groups can communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential and take action to change their lives, their communities and the country at large."