Maaka Orphans & Widows Associations Uganda

Nothing about us without us

MOWA UGANDA provides 
a variety of opportunities for all like minded individuals to put their conceptualized inspirations, abilities into practice,therefore if you  would like to get involved to make a commitment in supporting MOWA'S work and help to advance our mission and message.There is a great opportunity for you to become a member by joining  us and as a new MOWA committee you will help in supporting initiatives,advocacy work,serve as ambassadors for MOWA, through networking,communications and outreach so dear friends Get involved and let us together strive for action in promoting Gender qualities,empower widows,girl-child,orphans and the underprivileged to enable them achieve and create a world in which they can exercise their potentials,ideas and abilities.
Just feel free to contact us on how to get involved with MOWA Uganda,hence

MOWA is mounting an aggressive, comprehensive response to the unending community needs and problems, offering support and humanitarian assistance. The association is coordinating with all like minded stake holders and other agencies as we develop a unified response.

Become a Volunteer

And at this time, volunteer opportunities are open to all people with various skills.

If you have the expertise and love to get involved, volunteer, please register as a member through the link on our home page.

Register your skills and experience for a possible volunteer opportunity at MOWA.