Maaka Orphans & Widows Associations Uganda

Nothing about us without us


MOWA-Uganda welcomes all volunteers who are willing work in developing countries like Uganda by providing volunteer services to work in a variety of jobs and talents, including teaching, medical work, HIV/AIDS awareness, women empowerment, sports education, construction work, conservation work, agricultural work and orphanage assistance. Volunteers can choose to work on programs for various periods of time, ranging from 1 week to 6 months. Our Organization will place you in institutions which align your interests and strength with projects where there is a real need for help and assistance.For more information please contact us for more inquiries.
 We invite following categories for our volunteer works in Our Communities.

Doesn’t matter you are alone, yes, you can make a difference. Travel here, serve here, learn here, explore our communities and its people like never before and see how positively life changes around you.
We welcome any individual of any age group and any skill set, who is willing to volunteer in safest and affordable programmes that we have to offer you.

We do place volunteering couples on the programmes and projects that suits them the most. Our programmes are safe, affordable and provides you with an enriching experience and value addition for life.

You and your colleagues can work hand in hand with NGOs and other community organizations to change the scenario. Group volunteering can be particularly enjoyable for student groups from college or high-schools or interns or families/friends travelling together.
We can make and design specific and customized programmes for you that suits and fits with your needs.

Professionals from any field are welcomed here to contribute their skill set to the society. You can chose any project of any time duration with flexible dates.

For more inquiries feel free to contact us.

MOWA-UGANDA also provides plenty of volunteer programs and opportunities as away of identifying a diverse community needs and challenges and developing creative  volunteer driven solutions to address community problems through mobilizing people and resources to address the community needs.
Our programs run for 1week,2weeks,3weeks then 4weeks and the program fee varies accordingly.
Please contact: [email protected] for more inquiries about program fee and placement while in the country.
It is always challenging but  truly rewarding and gives you a unique and unusual insight into the life of your new communities.
We look forward to receiving you in Uganda.
We are also delighted to inform you that 1/2 of the volunteer program fee is used to continue providing for our orphans widows and the underprivileged.
"Nothing about us without us."